Kathe Thalassa

Imaginary world of scanned waste

The plastic continent, swallowing all in its growth, putting a veil on the rest.

In this landscape what has existed is only generated by the vestiges of the collective imagination that remains in our memories

On the left page you can see what could be assimilated to a KWALL;  a jellyfish is dissimulated in the monstrous cluster.

Everyone’s eye interprets it according to what they want to perceive.

With this universe which is belonging to the realm of science-fiction, we are opening a window on a dystopia which has already started to exist.

Pangaea is the one continent of the past. If we jump in a further future in which humans didn’t take action against the over consumption, the layers of waste would overlap everything everywhere.

This book is a projection of the creation of the opposite of pangaea.

One sea for all, a globe covered of water massively poluted.